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Member of International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites

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Welcome and thank you for visiting us at R/C Chatzone

This is perhaps, but not necessarily, the newest addition to the world of support websites for the R/C enthusiast of today. We at R/C Chatzone believe it is our duty to provide you, as a visitor to our website, with a friendly service that you would be happy for you child/children to view. We take such matters as the use of profanity or the use of any foul language very seriously. Taking a quick look at our forum terms of service will provide conformation that we are entirely serious about our approach to the provision of services and the way in which we intend to keep this website friendly for users of all ages from young to old.

In the interest of your viewing pleasure and ease of use of our services, we would like to take the time to inform you that this website has been designed for use on monitors with a
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So, What exactly do we have to offer YOU as the viewer and user of this website ? well, a quick look below will tell you either what we HAVE, or what we are planning to have in the near future.


R/C Chatzone Forum:

This is the place to go if you are looking for a community that will support your every question. Alternatively, why not join up and offer any information and support that you may have yourself ? Everyone is welcome and it is home to plenty of good honest banter, laughter and, dare we say it, FUN !


So, you like things that are fast eh ?

Well, how about WORLD SPEED RECORD fast ?



If you like the idea of world record speed, then how about visiting the Bluebird project  website and have a good look round?

What's the Bluebird project i hear you asking

Well, the Bluebird project  is about the recovery & rebuilding of Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7 water speed record hydroplane. Any meagre description I could ever possibly think to write could ever come close to doing justice to the talents and dedication of the team rebuilding Bluebird K7. PLEASE go and take a look at what these people are doing. it is absolutely stunning and awe inspiring. Trust me it's worth a visit to the website !!

Future Plans

As this website is still under construction, the following is a list of services that we intend to offer on final completion of works. These will all be related to the RC Chatzone group of websites and managed by the same team as the forum.

NOTICE TO USERS: These sites along with the forum will be policed daily, with any offending material removed. Such material that will be removed may include but is not limited to the use of,  reference to or linking to:  profanity (foul language), illegal wares, porn, and/or ANY form of illegal activity, or product or by-product thereof. we take this seriously and any such behaviour will NOT be tolerated

1) R/C Bay: Auction site for the selling of merchandise strictly relating to radio control models
2) Coppermine Image Gallery: For the posting of RC Related images ONLY


Below, you will find a list of the websites that we currently sponsor. please take a little time to have a look.



Website Name


Description Link  
Raleigh Grifter Owners Club LIVE A Site Dedicated to the Raleigh Grifter bicycle


Wonderful Weathering LIVE A Website to offering weathering work on Model Locomotives GO TO SITE  
RC Masters LIVE A Small website relating to radio control models GO TO SITE  
The Dukes Of Hazzard (Fan Site)

Under Construction

A fan built site dedicated to the 70's/80's TV program